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So, whats all the fuss about high megapixels?

Taken with a Nikon D2Hs – a 4.6 megapixel DX sensor camera. yes, just Four-point-Six megapixels but look at the high resolution and beauty of the scene captured.Taken with a Nikon D2Hs which is a 4.6 MP [yes, only four point 6 megapixels!] camera.

Here’s one by a 12.1 MP camera, built more than 10 years after the D2Hs. Great camera by all reviews and stats, so why does this 12.1 MPs camera not impress as much as the 4.6 MP of a old outdated camera?Taken with a Canon G15 which is a 12.1 MP camera.

Here we go again!

Found many of my photos “stolen” and used without so much as a “could we please use it?” 
The website that picked up my photos and used them is :

This is a comment I left at the webpage:


Are these photos taken by you or someone you contracted to take them? None of the aforementioned I presume? I say this with authority because you have here displayed photos taken and copyrighted by me. These images appear at this website/webpage without my permission or authorization. This is a copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property for which I would take appropriate legal action. Your response is awaited before I proceed further.

Sincerely Anil Advani

On their ABOUT page is the caption “I have compiled this site from my resouces (sic) and experience. Hope you like it!“. This purports to mean that all photos and articles on the website were taken and written by them. That’s a false and misleading statement. The have stamped a watermark on all images “” which basically amounts to fraud and forgery.

Their main/companion website portal is called FunOnTheNet which links back to